Original Equipment Manufacturer

Original Equipment Manufacturer is an option available on the S2G2.

OEM Platform Benefits

With just one PC board, you can interface up to 256 coils, this specification is unique in the NDT market.

The same PC board does interface all Electromagnetic techniques, ECT, ECA, RFT, NFT, NFA, MFL, and PEC.

A very small form factor gives the opportunity to mount our equipment on robots, scanners and other mechanical manipulators.

Communication with the S2G2 board is based on proven Open-Source technologies available in most languages and OS (Windows & Linux). The application has already been developed in Java, C-Sharp (C#) and C++.

Ready to use, the Driver S2G2 in LabView is also available.

OEM Product for Integrators

Several integrators are already working with our OEM products. 

The most famous name of the NDT industry is already using our technology.

For example, integrators working in the NDT automotive industry in Germany are using our OEM solution.

New Branding

OEM means that you can brand the final solution or product according to your image.

Our customer HRID bought a custom version. They interfaced their software with our equipment as well as using their own branding on the inspection equipment.

Customer Testimony

I am really pleased with the S2G2-800 SG NDT product. My company has worked with many Eddy Current Equipment over the years, but the SG NDT technology is truly the best equipment we used.  We interfaced our Eddy Current acquisition software to their ECT hardware without any problem. To help us to do it, we got a quick, strong and very skillful technical support from their Canadian engineering team.  We purchased nine S2G2-800.


Berislav Nadinic,
HRID CEO and Eddy Current Expert