Our Eddy current array solutions are fit for several markets in the ndt industry.


During maintenance checks, nuclear centers need to utilize non-destructive testing instruments. SG NDT develops and delivers probes and Eddy Current instruments for the Nuclear market. They are used primarily in France and Asia, especially for inspecting tubes and welds. Our brand new Eddy Current Array technology detects defects in complex shapes. The inspection time is reduced and the data analysis becomes much easier than with a standard equipment. Blade inspection requires high performances of Eddy Current Array technology. Our equipment provides great capabilities to surpass the expected performance.


The SG NDT technology is used for fuselage inspections and detection of corrosion. The multiplexing capabilities of the instrument allows the use of up to 256 coils. They enable the instrument to inspect larger areas and even highly complex surfaces such as turbine blades efficiently. Corrosion is one of the main concerns of the Aeronautical industry. The S2G2-800 drives adequately the technical attributes to inspect large surfaces in a very short time.


Numerous exchangers must be inspected with electromagnetic techniques such as Remote-Field, Near-Field, Eddy Current, etc. These techniques perform extremely well on all types of steel.

Multi-technological instrument runs with ECT, ECA, RFT, NFT and NFA techniques offering unrivaled performance in the industry. Our capacity for working in Array mode for all above-mentioned techniques is a great advantage for Pipe inspections.

Eddy Current Array works very well for weld inspection. It is a great alternative to the standard tubing eddy current technique.


Rods, tubes and other steel products

Adapted to different shapes, our Eddy Current Array probes are frequently customized to inspect square or hexagonal bars. Moreover, our hardware and software are adapted for this industry and offer a lot of flexibility for various applications.


The Laser Welded plate is one of the most interesting applications for the Eddy Current Array technique.

Eddy current Array offers many solutions for automotive manufacturers.


SG NDT performs feasibility studies and analysis for non-destructive testing of existing structures.
Our team of experts collaborates closely with researchers on developing inspection protocols adapted to specific needs.

An OEM product range helps reduce the equipment cost and provide laboratories with very powerful equipment for Eddy Current Array inspection. Our flexibility gives Engineers full access to our Equipment functions through an API software interface.