The Internal Rotary Inspection System

IRISXR® X Eddy Current Array is the newest

partnership in the NDT industry. 

The Internal Rotary Inspection System IRISXR® from PanAmiris combined with SG NDT’s

S2G2800 is the best solution for ultrasound and eddy current users. 


It is ideal for users of both technologies, Eddy Current and ultrasonic inspection on ferrous and non-ferrous materials.



The IRISXR® system collects data utilizing the ultrasonic pulse/echo technique.

IRIS is linked to a couplant like water surrounding the tube under inspection.

Embedded directly into our inspection equipment, it offers the exact same benefits featured in the S2G2-800
with the additional option of the IRIS technology.

Other technologies remain compatible: Eddy Current, Eddy Current Array, Remote field, Near Field & Near Field Array
 and Magnetic Flux Leakage.

  • Motor controller
  • 16 Time slots
  • 8 Channels

All technologies are gathered in one light equipment. Same accuracy, efficiency and user-friendly equipment.

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