The Internal Rotary Inspection System IRISXR®  from PanAmiris combined with SG NDT’s

 S2G2-800 is the newest technical combination.


It is ideal for users of both technologies, Eddy Current and ultrasonic inspection on ferrous and non-ferrous materials.


The IRISXR® system collects data utilizing the ultrasonic pulse/echo technique.

IRIS is linked to a couplant like water surrounding the tube, under inspection.

Embedded directly into our inspection equipment, it offers the exact same benefits of the S2G2-800
with the additional option of the IRIS technology.

Other technologies remain compatible: Eddy Current, Eddy Current Array, Remote field, Near Field & Near Field Array
 and Magnetic Flux Leakage.

  • Motor controller
  • 16 Time slots
  • 8 Channels

All technologies are gathered in one light equipment. Same accuracy, efficiency and user-friendly equipment.

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