S2G2 – Inspection Equipment

The S2G2-800 is the most recent 

multi-technology Eddy Current instrument of its generation.

Released from the Research and Development Department in 2016, SG NDT has already delivered more than 40 units worldwide.

Benefit 1 - Portability & Autonomy

The S2G2 instrument weighs approximately 10 L (688 in3) in volume or 4.5 kg (9.92 lbs), making it the most compact Eddy Current Testing instrument on the market.

It is easy to carry and very sturdy. The instrument offers over 5 hours of autonomy with no battery pack. It offers 8 hours of autonomy with a battery pack.

Benefit 2 – Built-In Versatility

The Non-Destructive Testing of tubes and surfaces relies on several in-depth engineering techniques.

These techniques depend on the applications and the materials involved.

The Sky is the limit. Use the S2G2-800 built-in capacities by combining any of the following testing technologies to meet your specific needs:

  • Eddy Current Testing (ECT)
  • Eddy Current Array (ECA)
  • Remote-Field Testing (RFT)
  • Near-Field Testing (NFT)
  • Near-Field Array (NFA)
  • Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL)
  • Internal Rotary Inspection System (IRIS)

Benefit 3 – Signal / Noise Ratio

Based on a new digital technology, the S2G2 detects defaults that would otherwise remain unnoticed by other instruments available on the market thanks to our signal to noise ratio.

Benefit 4 – Motor Controller

An embedded motor controller drives motorized vectors and controls the connected probe.

Benefit 5 – Array Technology

The equipment drives multi-element probes in all technologies:

Remote-Field, Near Field, Eddy current and more from the same Array connector.