Software Solutions


SG NDT’s very own inspection software runs on PC computers and provides all the necessary tools for surface, welds and complex array inspection.

Compatible with array probes, rotating probes, with up to 2 encoders.

Point to point or Network connection.

Moreover, it is configurable to your requirements. Emma collects accurate data, will then analyze it and generate reports. Depending on your preference, Emma will produce C-Scans and Lissajous Views with or without filters. It is designed and developed to function with our very own inspection instrument, the S2G2.


NDT Analyzer: LabVIEW Software by Neosoft

For industrial applications, this software platform is customer configurable.

It is adapted for an industrial environment and is ideal for wire and tube inspection. NDT Analyzer has a hardware abstraction layer that makes it possible to interface various Eddy Current technologies with open protocols.

LabVIEW drivers are also available for the S2G2.