Satisfied Customers

Some of our customers have agreed to share their experience with SG NDT.

Hydro-Québec’s Research Institute (IREQ)

The personalized approach of the SG NDT team is present from the first discussions until the signing of the purchase order to offer the best technical recommendations. I tested the S2G2-800 and I am very satisfied with the initial results. We will be able to develop our overhead line conductor inspection technologies with S2G2 and offer solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

Gilles Rousseau, Researcher and Engineer, Robotic inspection and maintenance Unit


SG NDT has enabled us to perform inspections to determine the angular extent of corrosion on carbon steel tubes, thanks to their new generation of array probes.

In collaboration with SIRAC, SG NDT has developed customized solutions to meet the most complex requirements, while the current eddy current solutions on the market did not answer our needs.

Victor Soares, Director of NDT - Eddy Current and training


I am really pleased with the S2G2-800 SG NDT product. My company has worked with many Eddy Current Equipment over the years, but the SG NDT technology is truly the best equipment we used. We interfaced our Eddy Current acquisition software to their ECT hardware without any problem.

To help us to do it, we got a quick, strong and very skillful technical support from their Canadian engineering team.

We purchased nine S2G2-800.

Berislav Nadinic, CEO and Eddy Current Expert